Lana Del Rey’s double feature right in time for Norman F***ing Rockwell!

Earlier today, Lana Del Rey released a double feature music video for “Fuck It I Love You” and “The Greatest,” two tracks on her upcoming album, Norman Fucking Rockwell!, to be released on August 30th. The album was largely produced by Del Rey along with Jack Antonoff, known for his indie band Fun, and for co-producing a few hits from Taylor Swift’s 1989 and Reputation albums, as well as Lorde’s Melodrama.

The pair first got together for their writing sessions in 2018, and it is said that Lana Del Rey loved the title track so much, a narrative about a pretentious young artist that can’t stop talking about himself, that she decided to name the album after the song. “Fuck It I love You” and “The Greatest” are the fifth and sixth singles from the album, with the former being the last song written for the album. For the track, the artist wanted a mood track with surf drums with and envisioned herself surfing along the beach in the video. The single takes Antonoff’s pop sound, and darkens it with Lana’s sultry voice, while adding a west coast vibe and her signature California lyrical motif. Along with the surf is an iridescence to the sky in the video directed by Rich Lee.

The video then transitions to “The Greatest,” a lyrically mournful piano ballad with a killer guitar solo. The single speaks about missing all the great memories and her fear of facing the greatest loss of all. The video takes us through Lana’s journey from a pier to a boat, hanging with her friends, and singing in a bar, as she reminisces about her loss all while wearing a Venice jacket, a nod to her previous single “Venice Bitch” from the same album. She signs off with a hopeful smile. Best line in the track is when she sings “Kanye West is blond and gone” because we can all agree that no truer words have been spoken. It has been said that “The Greatest” is also Jack Antonoff’s favorite song from the entire album, which makes sense as his technique is to start off by asking the artist “What is the worst thing that’s happened to you?” and taking that darkness to turn it into art. Quite frankly, it’s drawn out some of the best work from the artists he’s worked with.

Antonoff’s collaboration with Lana Del Rey has brought out some of her best songs in a few albums. Her cover of Sublime’s “Doin’ Time” has already received critical acclaim, as well as “Venice Bitch,” Del Rey’s longest song to date running at 9:36 with a music video directed by her sister. If the rest of this album is anything like these six singles, to seems her fifth album is slated to be one of her best yet. Lana Del Rey will also be touring North America this fall, and will be oversees touring Europe in 2020 in support of Norman Fucking Rockwell!. Don’t forget to catch her on tour this fall in North America and next year in Europe in support of the album.

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