Lizzo professes body positivity at debut VMA performance

Let’s face it, the VMAs don’t bring in the ratings they used to. While a lot of the performances have become bland in creativity, there still does remain uniqueness in some of the newcomers that have come into the spotlight defiantly. The boldest performance last night came from rap and soul artist, Lizzo, who performed a medley of “Truth Hurts” and “Good as Hell,” two tracks that were originally released between 2016-17, but did not gain traction until this year.

Lizzo has been around for years, but it is due to her songs being featured in body positive films and female empowerment shows such as Someone Great, I Feel Pretty, and Broad City, that has supported the artist’s launch into mainstream success. At last night’s show, Lizzo came out with a giant butt balloon behind her, as she began to sing, “Why’re men great ’til they gotta be great?” Her dancers, women of all different sizes took the floor alongside the singer to bring the crowd out of their seats throughout the performance.

The audience then lost it when Lizzo took off her coat to reveal a her curves in a bright yellow leotard, and she asked them “How we feeling?” as she began to perform her single “Good as Hell” with the dance floor turning into a sky full of bold clouds. In the middle of the song, she preached to the crowd about “being over the bullshit” as she proceeded to talk about self love and self worth, a topic the crowd went crazy over.

Lizzo’s performance was praised by all, as it was one of the best performances to liven up the MTV award show in years. Last night she proved that she can hold her own alongside veteran icons like Taylor Swift and Missy Elliot. Watch the performance below!