Welcome to the US, “Dance Monkey”

Australian newcomer Tones and I has taken the world by storm with “Dance Monkey,” the second single from her debut EP. Since it’s release earlier this year, the song has seen the top of the charts in 26 different countries and it is quickly making its way as highest increased in streaming for the week in the US. The track mixes her keyboard loops and layers in EDM with a touch hip hop, as she sings “Dance for me” in her raspy voice.

The most impressive part is that at the beginning of the year, Tones and I was an unknown singer, who released her debut single through an Australian website that releases music for unsigned artists. Her debut single, “Johnny Run Away,” was on heavy rotation on alternative radio. With its success, she launched “Dance Monkey” as a follow up, originally performing it in smaller venues and now taking over music festivals worldwide.

The artist’s voice along with the beat has been the key to success for the track all around. She is the first artist in over a decade to have the longest standing number 1 in Ireland by a female artist. With 8 weeks at the top spot, it is feat that hasn’t been accomplished since Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” in 2008. It also broke the record on the Australian singles chart for the most weeks at number one on the chart by an Australian act. The single is nominated for seven ARIA awards later this month, and we’re excited to see what is next for this newcomer.

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